About us

Ransal Fiber Glass is presently one of the Leading Manufacturers of Fiberglass Products in Pakistan.

Initially the company started its productions with medium size setup Of an organization but only within last few years It developed its capability as full fledged company and established as the leading manufacturers and suppliers of fiberglass products in Pakistan..

With our team these years has developed fully and successfully as an industrial concern to manufacture and supply innumerable Fiberglass products for suitable uses in various Industries, Institutes, Universities, Banks, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Doctors, Buildings, Luxury Flats, Schools, Colleges, Pharmaceuticals Companies, Mosques, Sugar Mills, Clubs, Architects, Consulates, etc.

All our valued clients of above mentioned concerns, National and Multinational, in Islamabad, and out of Islamabad all around Pakistan, have been all these long years using our products with full satisfaction and hence, many many of them are quite pleased to repeat their orders and ask for even various other items as well

At Ransal Fiber Glass we are fully geared to meet all your requirements and convert your concepts into reality, We Have Expertise, Technical Know How, Facilities And Above All The Will To Deliver.